Manufacturing program

We are the PREMIUM PARTNER of ALUKÖNIGSTAHL, which distributes materials and system solutions of the German high-quality SCHÜCO system.

Complete production program You can see HERE (pdf presentation)



We offer the following products from our own production:



Fenster aus Produktion von Novak E92

Energy costs are constantly growing - we are powerless against this. What we can do is limit our consumption of energy. Have you already checked the isolation of your home? For the bottleneck most often show windows older than 20 years. By effective insulation, you can save a considerable part of the cost. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, Schüco windows can save up to 80 percent of your costs.
Windows made from Schüco's systems link the functionality of building furniture with timeless aesthetics. The key is intelligent technical solutions in harmony with a large selection of shapes and a wide range of colors. So for each object we create a special, irreplaceable, YOUR STYLE. Schüco windows are synonymous with Innovation, Quality and Diversity of Building Furniture. You are invited to emphasize the characteristics, style of your home!


Haustuere aus Produktion von Novak E92

Entrance doors represent the entrance to your home, the home where your life takes place, your personal story. That is why the front door is the one with which you can emphasize your individuality, your style. Thanks to its diversity and its wide choice of shapes, our products can be perfectly adapted to your desires and the architecture of your home.

The entrance doors at the same time ensure high thermal insulation and safety. In doing so, Schüco's entry doors are those that set standards for safety and thermal insulation.

With a wide choice of accessories, we guarantee that your door will satisfy and fulfill your wishes for the convenience of using the advanced technologies when entering your home.


Schiebetueren aus Produktion von Novak E92

Sliding doors create rooms flooded with light that extend into nature.

Highly insulated sliding and folding sliding doors made of aluminum and plastic open up new open spaces: The conservatory becomes one with the garden - the balcony and terrace expand the living space. Thanks to the extreme stability of aluminum, constructions with slim profiles and particularly generous glass surfaces are possible, which offer maximum transparency and light. Who does not wish to expand the living room or work space with a few quick grips.

For interior applications, the uninsulated sliding doors from Schüco offer a variety of new design concepts. Both system designs can be seamlessly combined due to their design.



Wintergarten aus Produktion von Novak E92

Absolute comfort and well-being in every season.

There are many reasons why you would decide to build a winter garden. Practical - because we simply need more living space. Emotional - because you want to live closer to nature. Or aesthetically - because the elegant extension adds a special individual note to the house.

Also costly, the winter garden is an investment that is worth it. The house, which has a high quality winter garden, gets interesting on the value. And the winter garden is also a special intelligent zone that helps you save energy in the summer and winter.


Gartenmoebel SUNY aus Produktion von Novak E92

This is for equipping public and private wellness areas.

We live faster. Therefore, moments of carefree pleasures are becoming more and more precious. Make sure they are exactly the same as you want. Aluminum garden & wellness furniture of our own brand SUNY is distinguished by modern

design, which harmoniously merges with diverse environments and perfectly executed. All in all this creates good energy and ensures the comfort and well-being of all, even the most demanding users.


Only the best materials are resistant to all weather conditions. The emphasis is on rounded profiles, as well as the elegant shapes of products that make the furniture ergonomically fit to your body and create pleasant, tranquil energy wherever you place it.



Fassaden aus Produktion von Novak E92

Facades are a basic element in the planning and design of buildings.

Flexible possibilities of using façade structures, which at the same time encompass the extensive requirements of modern facades of buildings, reflect contemporary times. Many possibilities within the facade systems SCHÜCOarhitekt and the designer offer a great creative space. Also, special solutions based on verified systems can be realized without major problems: from optically perfect window facades, impeccable completely with glazing glass, to ALU facades and up to high-tech synergic facades. Welcome to the world of Schüco systems! 


The design of the ventilation façade construction, which defines the isolation against weather protection, has no advantage only in the physical characteristics of the construction, but also allows different other effects to be achieved with various external facade linings. For the realization of individual conceptual design of the facility, a wide range of materials, formats, shapes, slits, colors and types of assembly are available. The durability and durability of the facade cladding ensures a lasting aesthetic appearance and a great deal of freedom in the design of the windings of buildings.