Commercial Building

                     PREDELNE STENE za pisarne OFFICE E92

Company NOVAK E92 d.o.o. is known as a quality ALU contractor in construction.

In recent years, she has been selected as a contractor for several major business buildings, commercial buildings and public buildings such as schools, elderly homes and student dormitories.

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In the framework of ALU finishing works in the construction industry, we offer engineering, production of products of building furniture, structures and facades in our own production and by conducting assembly on the ground. We offer only solutions for which we are standing. If no higher quality solution is found for the indicative price, we always adhere to the prescribed or tendered designs and materials.

Investors choose us for the quality of our performance, our references and the very wide production program and the flexibility of our company.

In the company we produce PVC or ALU carpentry, partitions of our own brand OFFICE E92, canopies, various facades, constructions, fences, fire elements, garden and wellness furniture of our own brand SUN and other equipment on request.

MOP - Palača DSU, Litostroj C, Ljubljana, pisarniške pregradne stene OFFICE E92  STEKLENE PREDELNE STENE Office E92  Palača DSU, LJubljana - predelne stene OFFICE E92