Relation to the environment

NOVAK E92 is specialized in the processing of aluminum, and to a lesser extent it also produces stainless steel products.

Raw materials, as well as processing technology themselves, are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

In 2000, due to high demands on the quality of powder painting, Aluminum surface protection for the purpose of high quality exterior furniture invested in its own lacquer line.

In choosing technology, special attention was paid to the choice of technology:

that it does NOT use ecologically controversial (carcinogenic) chromium VI. Use of pre-treatment WITHOUT KROMA t.i. The non-chromatic pre-treatment was then a novelty in the field of protection of exteriors products, ie products that are constantly exposed to external influences (UV rays, acid rain, sea effect, this is primarily due to increased salt concentration, high moisture content in the air). The non-chromatic pre-treatment of aluminum, which we have chosen, is an alternative to an ecologically controversial chromatographic treatment process.

An additional feature of our production process of varnishing is that instead of commonly used, ie. DEMI water, which process of production is again ecologically disputed, instead of the latter, we use ecologically safe rainwater, which is collected in the rain and stored in special tanks.

Our paint shop was the first of its kind in Slovenia, namely an environmentally friendly paint shop. Find out more about our painting service here.

In the company, we are aware that the quality of life of our and future generations depends on our attitude towards nature.

The latter confirms that at NOVAK E92 d.o.o. WE GO GREEN!